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Venerdì 08 Aprile 2016 05:46


Founding Member Of Toto Steps Out On His Own For The First Time

With Someday / Somehow Due Out On June 10th

April 7, 2016 – A founding member of the Grammy award winning rock band Toto, Steve Porcaro will release his first ever solo album, Someday / Somehow, on June 10th.

Porcaro’s first album has actually been in the making since 1983.  With “Back To You” first being worked on by Toto in 83’ and “More Than I Can Take” being the most recent track he finished.

“I’ve always been writing and recording over the years, hoping to find homes for these songs with other artists,” Porcaro remarked.  “Lately, I've been reminded repeatedly how short life is, and I think it’s finally sinking in and with the encouragement of my band, family and fans, I decided it was time to remove my excuses, throw down, let go and finish these songs the way I hear them.”

The album features Porcaro on lead vocals for seven tracks and Michael McDonald on “Swing Street,” and “Night Of Our Own.”  Jamie Kimmett on “She’s So Sky,” and “Face Of A Girl,” Michael Sherwood on “Make Up” and Mabvuto Carpenteron “Painting By Numbers.”  Longtime collaborator Marc Bonilla along with fellow current Toto colleagues Steve Lukather,Lenny Castro and Shannon Forrest make appearances on the album as well.

The thirteen track album, features material Porcaro has been tinkering with for quite some time.  “Back To You” was originally recorded with Toto back in 1983, however Porcaro never got around to finishing it himself until last year.  It’s the song he wrote for his then girlfriend Rosanna Arquette. The track features both of Steve’s departed brothers: Jeff and Mike.

The first single from the album, “Ready Or Not” is quite personal to Porcaro.

“Ready Or Not was written for my kids,” Porcaro adds.  “The first verse describes the day my oldest, Heather was born, but the song's a love letter to all my kids, and to anyone who travels with kids at home.”

An American keyboardist, songwriter and composer Porcaro written or co-authored music on each of Toto's first six albums, with the exception of Isolation and most recently, performed on the band's highly acclaimed 2015 album Toto XIV, also co-writing and singing lead on “The Little Things” and “Bend” which is featured on the Japan edition of that release. Porcaro continues to perform in Toto continues to play to sold-out audiences in Europe, US and Japan.

Also known for his prolific session work, Steve co-wrote “Human Nature” on Michael Jackson’s Grammy-winning albumThriller, solidifying his individual mark on the music industry.  A sought-after session musician, Steve has worked extensively with music producer icons Quincy Jones and David Foster and many of music’s most successful artists including Don Henley, YES, Elton John, Boz Scaggs and many others.  Highly respected for his film and television scores, Steve composed the music for the award-winning FX show Justified, starring Timothy Olyphant.

Steve Porcaro’s touring career began at the age of 17 with Gary Wright, in support of Wright’s hit album, The Dream Weaverand then with Boz Scaggs along with the other original members of Toto, prior to that band’s 1977 inception.   Steve’s older brothers, Mike Porcaro (bassist) and Jeff Porcaro (drummer), also members of Toto were highly respected session musicians and their father Joe Porcaro is regarded was one of the world’s most influential session percussionists and educators.  In 2010, Steve toured with Toto when the decision was made to reform the band in support of his brother Mike, during Mike’s lengthy battle with ALS.

Along with his work on “Human Nature”, Steve Porcaro performed other Thriller tracks including “Beat It” and “The Girl Is Mine”and composed the song “For All Time”, which was included on the Thriller “25th Anniversary” Edition. A testament to his compositional influence, “Human Nature” has been covered and/or sampled by many artists including Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, SWV, Nas, and Chris Brown.


You can pre-order the album and other Steve Porcaro items here: http://store.totoofficial.com/someday-somehow.html


Someday / Somehow Track Listing

1.     Ready Or Not

2.     Loved By A Fool

3.     Someday / Somehow

4.     Swing Street

5.     She’s So Shy

6.     Back To You

7.     Face Of A Girl

8.     To No One

9.     Makeup

10.   She’s The One

11.   Night Of Our Own

12.   Painting By Numbers

13.   More Than I Can Take

For more information visit:





GGM Staff

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Domenica 21 Febbraio 2016 17:16



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Ci siamo finalmente con la tanto attesa estrazione dei vincitori che si son aggiudicati gli 8 biglietti per i live italiani della band. Il GGM Staff vuole ringraziare sentitamente tutti coloro che hanno partecipato al contest, sono arrivate 682 risposte! Ringraziamo ancora una volta D’Alessandro e Galli per la collaborazione in queste attività tanto gradite agli amanti della buona musica.

La risposta esatta era: Leland Sklar.

Tra tutti coloro che hanno partecipato al concorso sono stati estratti i seguenti nominativi:

- Livia T.

- Alberto B.

- Giada V.

- Alex D.

- Antonino F.

- Silvia R.

- Paolo B.

- Simone T.

I vincitori saranno informati tramite e-mail della loro vincita e saranno fornite tutte le info con le modalità per il ritiro dei biglietti, a seconda che si tratti di Torino o Brescia. "Per la legge sulla privacy indicheremo qui soltanto i nomi e l’iniziale del cognome".

Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno partecipato e complimenti ai vincitori……state on line!!!

GGM Staff


We are ready to announce the winners of these 8 tickets for the Toto XIV Italian gigs. We would to thanks once again all the fans, we've received 682 answers! Thanks to D’Alessandro e Galli for the availability for this great opportunity!

The right answer was: Leland Sklar.

Among all those who participated in the competition were extracted the following names:

- Livia T.

- Alberto B.

- Giada V.

- Alex D.

- Antonino F.

- Silvia R.

- Paolo B.

- Simone T.

The winners will be informed by e-mail of their winnings with all the info to take the tickets before the italian shows, Torino or Brescia. "For privacy law we will publish here only the names ."

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners ...... Stay on line!!!

GGM Staff



ENG - Hey guys, 2016 is here and Toto live too!!! Are you ready for the next Toto XIV 2016 Italian gigs? GGM Studios, in collaboration with D’alessandro e Galli, gives away 8 Tickets for the next "Toto XIV, 2016 Worldwide Tour", 4 tickets for the Torino show and other 4 tickets for the Montichiari (Brescia) show, next February 2016.

So, are you ready for this fantastic contest??!!!!!!!

The rules remain the same, so you have to answer to the question that follows and don’t forget to look at the regulations with the correct dispositions of the contest. You could choose the venue to attend for the concert, Torino or Brescia. From all the correct answers 8 winners will be selected with a draw, 4 for Torino and 4 for Brescia, and the names will be posted on the website homepage of GGM Studios.

A special thank goes to D’alessandro e Galli that kindly gave us all his availability for this initiative. Thanks so much, as always!!!


Who will be on the bass, during the next 2016 worldwide XIV Toto Tour, in place of the Groove Master Mike Porcaro?


1. The answer should be sent to this email address: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.

2. Please write the answer and also your name, surname and the place you prefer to attend, Torino or Brescia.

3. The mail object will be: “Toto contest 2016 Torino” or “Toto contest 2016 Brescia”.

4. Only one answer for participant is allowed. In case we receive more than one email from the same person they will be disqualified.

5. Send your answer by the 30th January 2016.

6. The draw will take place on the 31th January 2016.

The GGM Studios staff will contact the winners with all the info for the tickets.

What are you waiting for? Don’t you want a chance to win a fantastic live Toto ticket? We remain waiting for your answers!!! Best of luck and stay tuned for other contests to follow!!!

GGM Studios Staff


ITA - Hey ragazzi, il 2016 è arrivato e pure i nuovi live dei Toto!!! Siete quindi pronti per le prossime date italiane del Toto XIV Tour 2016? Il GGM Studios, in collaborazione con D’Alessandro e Galli, mette in palio 8 biglietti per il prossimo, "Toto XIV 2016 Tour mondiale", 4 biglietti per lo show di Torino ed altri 4 per quello di Montichiari (Brescia), del prossimo Febbraio 2016.

Allora, siete pronti per questo fantastico contest??!!!!!!!

Le regole sono sempre le stesse, quindi dovrete rispondere alla domanda che vi sarà posta qui di seguito senza scordarvi di dare prima un'occhiata al regolamento con le corrette disposizioni attinenti al concorso. Potrete scegliere se partecipare con la vostra risposta all’estrazione per il biglietto di Torino o quello di Brescia. Tra tutte le risposte corrette poi, verranno selezionati gli 8 vincitori attraverso un'estrazione a sorte e i loro nominativi saranno posti nell'homepage del GGM Studios.

Un ringraziamento particolare va rivolto a D’alessandro e Galli che gentilmente ci ha dato tutta la disponibilità per questo tipo di iniziative. Grazie mille, come sempre per tutto il vostro supporto!!!


Chi ci sarà al basso, durante il prossimo Toto XIV tour 2016, in sostituzione del mitico Groove Master Mike Porcaro?


1. La risposta dovrà essere inviata al seguente indirizzo di posta elettronica: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.

2. Nell'e-mail oltre alla risposta dovranno comparire nome e cognome ed il concerto al quale preferite partecipare, Torino o Brescia.

3. L’oggetto della mail dovrà essere: “Toto contest 2016 Torino” oppure “Toto contest 2016 Brescia”

4. Sarà ammessa soltanto una risposta per partecipante. In caso di ricezione di più e-mail da uno stesso concorrente, queste non verranno assolutamente prese in considerazione.

5. La risposta dovrà pervenire entro il 30 Gennaio 2016.

6. L'estrazione del concorso avrà luogo nella giornata del 31 Gennaio 2016.

Sarà cura poi dello Staff del GGM Studios contattare i vincitori per tutte le info relative ai biglietti.

Allora che state aspettando?? Non volete regalarvi la possibilità di vincere un fantastico biglietto per il nuovo tour dei Toto 2016? Aspettiamo le vostre risposte!!! In bocca al lupo a tutti...e ricordatevi che per coloro che non vinceranno ci saranno altri contest a seguire.......state on line!!!

GGM Studios Staff


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Martedì 24 Novembre 2015 21:29

Un mega ciclone si sta abbattendo su di noi....si chiama "Supersonic Blues Machine"!!! Invitiamo tutti i nostri amici a condividere e a scoprire tutto quello che di meraviglioso nasconde questo progetto musicale dell'amico Fabrizio Grossi, assieme a Lance Lopez e Kenny Aronoff!! Siamo orgogliosi di te Fabrizio!!! A breve un sacco di sorprese legate al progetto.....
Texan guitarist-singer-songwriter LANCE LOPEZ, producer, mixer and bass player Fabrizio Grossi and drummer Kenny Aronoff are the family that is Supersonic Blues Machine.
Their debut 'West Of Flushing, South Of Frisco' hosts an incredible list of collaborators such as Billy F Gibbons, Walter Trout, Warren Haynes, Robben Ford Music, Eric Gales and Chris Duarte.
'West Of Flusing, South Of Frisco' will be released on CD and double vinyl by Mascot Label Group on Feb 26, 2016.
Pre-order now!

Pre-order now!


Mascot Label Group

Web: http://mascotlabelgroup.com

GGM Staff

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Domenica 25 Ottobre 2015 21:53



ENG – Hey guys, during last days we had the pleasure and the honor to do a video interview to the legendary Leland Sklar, on tour with Judit Owen!! It 'was a fantastic night, where Lee spoke about his return with Toto during next 2016 world tour and other curious stories about his extraordinary musician career.

Thanks to Leland, Judit and to Istituto musicale “L’ottava” di Brescia, Italy.

Enjoy yourself

GGM Studios Staff


ITA - Ciao ragazzi, nei giorni scorsi abbiamo avuto il piacere e l’onore di fare una video intervista al mitico Leland Sklar, in tour con Judit Owen!! E’ stata una serata fantastica, dove Lee ci ha raccontato del suo imminente ritorno con i Toto per il prossimo tour 2016 e altre curiose storie della sua straordinaria carriera di musicista.

Un ringraziamento a Leland, Judit e all’istituto musicale “L’ottava” di Brescia, Italia.

Buona visione

GGM Studios Staff


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