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Scritto da Andrea   
Martedì 16 Novembre 2010 20:39

Hi guys and all Toto fans! The GGM Studios is very proud to pubblish the new interview to our hero, Mr. Joseph Williams, after the last Toto reunion tour 2010.

Thanks to Joseph for all his time......Joe, you're always a friend for us!!!

Enjoy yourself


Ok Joseph, are you ready? Ok, let's start! 

GGM - Well Joseph, let's begin from the last Toto Tour in honor of Mike Porcaro: how came up the idea to leave for this short European Tour?

Joseph - The plan came from Luke. He called me in January, I think and basically said, “This is happening if you want to do it?”

GGM - How did you feel singing again with Toto in front of thousands fans, after so many years?

Joseph - I really enjoyed it! I went in to it with an attitude that I was going to soke up every moment of it and what ever happens out there is what ever happens. And it was great! I figured the chance might never come around again so I might as well squeeze every drop of fun and satisfaction out of it and I really got everything I wanted and much much more. More than anything it was great to play with my old mates and to give something back to our ailing brother!


GGM - Were all the members of the Band involved to pick up the set-list for the tour?


Joseph - We had some input but the final choices were David and Luke’s. I think because I was there it was obvious that we were going to do more Fahrenheit and Seventh One stuff.

GGM - Do you have a special Toto song that you relate the most?

Joseph - Till The End

GGM - Give us a little anticipation of the Copenhagen dvd. Did everything go smooth like oil? Are you satisfied of the overall performance?

Joseph - It went great. It’s a MUST SEE if for no other reason to see everyone melting from the 120 degree heat inside the arena!

GGM - We know Nigel Dick will be the director of the new dvd. Will Simon take care about the audio mixing or everyone is involved with this aspect? Is there some date we can expect the dvd to hit the shelves?

Joseph - Are there shelves anymore? LOL

GGM - From recent Luke comments seem that the Toto Machine has started again, with some chances to see you again on the road for a tour on Summer 2011. What can you tell us about this?

Joseph - I know we will go to Japan in the spring and back to Europe in the summer. This time for more concerts!

GGM - What are your next solo projects in the near future? Do you think we'll be able to get a new cd after the wonderful "This fall"?

Joseph - Unclear...

GGM - What are Joseph Williams most favourite bands? And what kind of music do you generally listen to?

Joseph - I like to watch!

GGM - How came up the collaboration with Peter Friedstedt and his "L.A. Project"?

Joseph - I met Peter through Bill Champlin and we got on straight off. He’s a great guy, a great songwriter and producer and I’ve always had a blast working with him both in the studio and live in Sweden. Sweden has always had some of the best fans for me and working with Peter has provided a way to keep those fires stoked.

GGM - With Luke and the rest of Toto is very difficult to be bored: can you tell us some nice story about the last Toto Tour?

Joseph - We always have a lot of laughs when we hang out. That’s been true since we were kids. Whether we were working in the studio, on the road or just hangin out so at this point 30 plus years later its hard to pull any story out of the ether.. new or old. There are so many. It’s all-good you know.

GGM - Italian Toto Fans asked us for this interview strongly. Would you like to send them and to the GGM Studios Italian Fanclub a special greeting?

Joseph - Hello to you all .. I am very grateful to you all for your support over the years you are the best fans in the world that is for sure … Hope to see you all in the flesh very soon .. rock on! xojoe Thank you very much for your time Joe! See you next time! 


GGM Studios Staff


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