In the contest of TOTO’s concert, kept last july 9th 2004 in palabrescia, Brescia, Italy, GGM met the band and presented the GGM Award.

GGM’s intent is to serve the public by bringing awareness to the music and talents of TOTO.

Brescia, 4.30pm, GGM reach Palabrescia where TOTO are already busy with the soundcheck. Having already agreed with Luke to meet after the concert, a few words with Martin Cole, TOTO’s tour manager, were enough to get the After Show passes.

The concert began at 9pm, opening with “Only the Children”. While playing Luke got berserk against the security staff that was denying the audience to get close, and at the end of the song, Luke told the audience to pay no attention to the security and to gather around the stage.

Exceptional performance of the band caracterized the show. Steve, David, Micheal, Simon, Bobby and the new-joined Tony, entertained the audience for more than two hours between applauses and screams of enthusiasm.