Finally here we are, the moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived, the first solo album by maestro David Paich!  Yes, that’s right, after Luke and Joseph’s solo records released last year for the Mascot Label Group, this latest work will also be signed by Mascot and we at GGM Studios had the pleasure of listening to this new album in preview few weeks ago. The expected date for the publication is August 19, 2022.

First of all it must be said that it’s not a real album, rather an EP, consisting of seven tracks for a duration of about thirty minutes. Some of these songs were produced by David Paich and others by the Paich / Joseph Williams duo. Inside, we find an amazing line up, David’s musicians and lifelong friends, especially those who gravitated around the world of Toto for decades.

The disc opens with the track “Forward”, a short synth instrumental intro written by Dave that leads the way to “Willibelongtoyou” the first song by the Paich / Williams duo. The guitars are played by Dean Parks and  brother Steve Lukather, while the solid rhythmic base to Gregg Bissonette and Nathan East. The track from the initial guitar arpeggio seems to be contaminated by the 80’s sounds of Yes, with keyboards, organ and Dave and Joe’s voices masterfully tied together.

Then follows “Spirit Of The Moonrise”, the single from the album released during the month of June and also accompanied by a video clip. The song is an adrenaline rush, powerful already from Luke’s guitar intro, a sort of tribute to his friend Eddie Van Halen, to then lead to a classic 80’s Toto song. It almost seems like an unreleased track found in an old drawer that is part of the track list of the Isolation album, then seasoned with the most current sounds of the Band. The percussion is entrusted to his longtime friend Lenny Castro while the sax to Warren Ham. The choirs in the final part of the track by the legendary Michael McDonald and Joe’s daughter, Hannah Williams, alternate with Luke’s usual masterful solo, are thrilling.

Then we arrive at “First Time” a beautiful Paich style ballad, the tearjerking pearls that only Dave can give, with his warm voice with characteristic low frequencies, a true trademark of his eternal career as a musician, singer and composer.  Rhythmic section always entrusted to Lenny Castro, Nathan East and drummer Robin DiMaggio, while in the background the notes of the flute are once again played by Warren Ham. The guitar in this case is played by Dean Parks while the synth, piano and vocals are all Dave’s work. The backing vocals are by Elizabeth Paich, Dave’s daughter.

Queen Charade “is a mid tempo song with country rock sounds, which refers to the style of “No Love” contained in the 1999 Toto album Mindfields, with the presence of the harmonica, sax and slide guitar.  Contagious groove, the kind that make you get up from your chair and dance right away, with amazing musicians who interpret this intention in the best possible way: electric guitar by Steve Lukathe and slide guitar by the legendary Don Felder, bass by David Paich and drums entrusted to the immense Steve Jordan, sax and harmonica as always by Warren Ham.

We then find a track already contained in Toto XIV album of 2015, “All The Tears That Shine”, in a different version than the original, more intimate, a tribute to the friend Michael Sherwood who died in 2019 and participated in the production of Toto XIV. Michael’s voice is really moving as it blends with David’s piano and the voices of Elizabeth Paich and Billy Sherwood, really creepy. Probably another pearl found inside the drawer recorded on the occasion of Toto XIV and now picked up by master Dave, with the support of a living legend like Brian Eno.

The disc ends with “Lucy” an instrumental piece, a jazz tribute to Marty Paich, David’s father and Mel Tormé, the famous American jazz singer.  The vocal parts are sung by James Tormé, Mel’s son who has dedicated to scat singing, frame to a maniacally brilliant work by David with his piano, organ and synths.

The cover of the record is the work of Lorraine, David’s wife, who put together a whole series of objects and old memories found in the famous drawer of the Paich house where ideas, lyrics and music were hidden and taken up by David as he only knows how to do, with delicacy, respect and so much talent.

Approach this musical work without prejudice, with the same trust you have placed in all these years towards this fantastic musician and composer, it will be thirty minutes of real pleasure, emotion and passion for real music, of quality!

Thank you so much David for giving us this huge gift, we look forward to seeing you for chapter two of a story entitled “Maestro David Paich”.

Andrea Ortolan – GGM Studios


1) Forward [0:29]

2) Willibelongtoyou [4:20]

3) Spirit Of The Moonrise [4:52]

4) First Time [5:05]

5) Queen Charade [4:27]

6) All The Tears That Shine [5:22]

7) Lucy [4:31]

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