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New Fergie Frederiksen "Baptism by Fire" Interview PDF Stampa E-mail
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Giovedì 04 Giugno 2009 20:47

New Fergie Frederiksen

"Baptism by Fire" Interview

Hello Fergie, it's a pleasure to have you, once again, welcomed guest of ggmstudios. On june 8th your new album will be out and we'd like asking you to talk at our readers about your new work.

GGM : Tommy Denander is a great guitarist of a world-wide reputation. How the collaboration with this artist was initiated? How was working with him?

Fergie : Tommy is one of the greatest guitar players I've ever played with. Tommy and I have always wanted to do a full CD together and Frontiers, Serafino and the gang, were very supportive and we embraced the opportunity.

Tommy and I have been friends for many years. We haven't had the chance to spend much time together, and with living in different continents, you can imagine it created some obstacles to deal with. But with communication, some time together in LA and the desire we have done something we are both proud of. The world of recording has advanced so much in the last 20 years I don't think we compromised anything. Maybe a few beers together and some serious laughs. I've always loved TD's take on song writing and his nuances and color in music. We talked all the time and spent countless hours on E-mail's to make it happen. Hey, it only took 3 years. Ha, ha.

GGM : Baptism by Fire is a strong album, full of emotions. Out of the 12 songs, is there one to which you feel particularly bound? Why?

Fergie : Baptism by Fire is the one song that means the most to me. I think TD feels the same way because it is about our Fathers.

When my Dad was slipping away and I was home in Michigan, I wrote the hook. I was in and out of the hospital with him for days at a time and had a real awakening. My sister, Char, was there every day taking care of both him and my Mother and for the first time since he was getting worse I experienced what she was going through. Because I live in a Minnesota I wasn't able to be there all the time. Not to mention I was on the road for days and weeks at a time. I thank God for her and felt what it was like to deal with all the emotion she had dealt with on a daily basis.

The lyrics put the whole thing together. Jim Peterik is first of all a dear friend and also someone who has a way with story telling not many possess. He and I took the time to discuss my feelings and the situation I was wanting to describe. It all happened quite quickly and no one could have helped me better to express my feelings in this song. Thank you Jim.


GGM : Could you tell us some fun situations happened while recording the album?

Fergie : Like I said, we really didn't have much hang time but we sure did a lot of driving in LA. TD's sense of humor made it tough to get through rush hour in L.A. without cracking up literally. Many times my eyes were cloudy with laughing tears and trying to drive a little piece of crap rental at the same time. Glad we made it. Tommy's girlfriend, Sissy, must have thought we were crazy. Better yet she know so.

GGM : Lately we heard you came back on the stage with Toto. How did you feel singing again with them? Will we see you next year on the 30th Toto anniversary?

Fergie : It was great to be on stage with Luke again that's for sure. Bobby has always been someone wanted to sing with and I got my chance. We had a blast. The whole band made me feel welcome and we had some serious laughs. My son Koty got a lesson on life from Luke and he'll never be the same.  Simon, Greg, Tony and Lee are monsters. Koty got a chance to play Simon's kit and you should have seen the look in his eyes.

I have been invited to do the 30th tour and look forward to it very much. What can I say, it was a very important part of my life and I wouldn't miss it for the world. I'm honored to be asked. It felt like just yesterday we played together.

GGM : We'd like to know, for each song, what were your feelings writing it, and what were the meanings you wanted to highlight in them. Let's start with Let Him Go.

Fergie: LET HIM GO----------------Tommy sent me the files on this one and Pamela McNiel and I did the lyrics. I had always wanted to do a song about a gal who had to move on from an abusive relationship. Everyone's saying how she needs to get out but she can't. It happens too much in this world today. Let him go. Protect your pride, dignity and dreams. It can be done!

GGM : Right Heart, Wrong Time ...

Fergie : RIGHT HEART----------------So many times in life the timing is bad. Could we have met earlier or later and would it have worked out? Destinies are not always inline and love is not always enough.

GGM : Silver Lining ...

Fergie : SILVER LINING------------This song has been with TD for many years. I took the lyrics and changed them to fit a personal friends situation. He was having a hard time with a break up and it was very clear to me he had lost his silver lining.

GGM : Crossing Over ...

Fergie : CROSSING OVER------------This is Ricky Phillips at his best. A great musical track and Ricky and I ran with it. The connection we all share with loved ones doesn't end after their death. We keep a piece of them with us forever. The tears, the joy, the good times and the bad. The strength, the weakness all lives on. The bridge sums it up. Save me a place, I'll see you tomorrow. An until then I will always cherish your love!

GGM : Written In Stone ...

Fergie : WRITTEN IN STONE---------"I Love You" are the three words written in stone. When you have the need to find answers you will. Ricky again is amazing and took TD's music and made it work for us.

I loved the first low verse and then letting it sore for the next verses while keeping the chorus layered and structured.

GGM : My Saving Grace ...

Fergie : SAVING GRACE--------------This song is for Tris. When I was going through Hep C treatment she was my saving grace. She also is my best friend and works for the American Liver Foundation and does the rock event for the awareness of Hep C that we do each year. She and the ALF have helped to raise awareness for Hep C and save life's. Someday we hope to bring the concert to Europe.

GGM : Can't Get Enough ...

Fergie : CAN'T GET ENOUGH-------A fictitious wet dream I think. You can't get it out of your head good bad or otherwise. There's no explaining chemistry.

GGM : Never Try To Love Again ...

Fergie : NEVER TRY TO LOVE AGAIN---This is one that TD had for a while and is just a good song. All you do to make things work sometimes is not enough if the other person is not signed up for it. Even if it means everything to you! Then you might just give up.

GGM : Dead End ...

Fergie : DEAD END----------------I reworked the lyrics and the melody to this song TD wrote. I think it had actually been released before by some other band. I had a blast singing it. Got me back to some serious kickass vocals. Fun song. I've never met Corine!

GGM : Keep a Light On

Fergie : KEEP A LIGHT ON--------A commitment of love. Asking for a show of faith with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. If there is a light you will follow. Will there be a light on? If there is you'll find your way home.

GGM : Left With Nothing ...

Fergie : LEFT WITH NOTHING------Caught up in doubts. Your self esteem is being questioned and your pride. Not a very comfortable place to be in life. Especially after you have been lead on that there really was something to believe in. Played for a fool. Not a good place to be but unfortunately it happens. Another from TD's archives.

Fergie “Note”: Thanks to my friends Jim Peterik, Ricky Phillips, Pamela Mc Niel and the other co-writers. And especially for TD's craftful guitar work and song writing.

GGM : This CD will go on the shelf with Frontiers Record label. How is working with them?

Fergie : Serafino and all the gang at Frontiers are great. They stood by me in my time of need and waited patiently for this CD. I consider them my friends and look forward to working on Frontiers in everything I do. No one out there does it better than them. Kissing serious ass here but it true. Not bullshit.

GGM : Every member of ggmstudios was happy to see you again on the stage with Toto, and surely they'll listen Baptism By Fire. Wanna write a greeting to your fans?

Fergie : Thank you for letting be apart of your lives. I can't imagine what life without music would be and without people like you who care to keep melodic rock alive. My heart and prayers go out to all of you and I am honored to share this time with you. Keep rocking and see you 2008. All the best,


It was a pleasure to interview you once again, and we hope to see you in Italy next year !!!

copyright by ggmstudios


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