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Bobby Kimball talks about Falling in Between PDF Stampa E-mail
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Giovedì 04 Giugno 2009 21:34


Interview to BOBBY KIMBALL

In this period TOTO are working hard in the recording studios at the creation of their new albumn FALLING IN BETWEEN. The GGMSTUDIOS asked Bobby Kimball about it, and Bobby released for all the visitors of ggmstudios.com website as well as the TOTO fans... an interview.

Bobby Kimball

- The title of the new album, Falling in Between, have a name that remind something that stand in the middle. What is the meaning you meant for it? Was it hard to agree on this name?

 As with everything Toto does, it was surely hard to agree on a title for the CD. It is an important work for us and we try adn put our best foot forward on anything we do. The title comes from one of the songs. I had written some lyrics to the verses of one of the really great pieces of music the guys came up with, and we still needed a chorus. Greg P. sang a melody and immediately after he did, I wrote 4 new lines which became the chorus we used. The last line of that chorus was "Falling In Between". It's a great song.

- Overall, how is the style and the sound of this album? TOTO-ish like your "old school", or somewhat different and new?

 I think we'll alway have the old school element to our sound, as it involves the way we conceptualize our music. However, on this CD, you'll hear a very different Toto than in the past. We used new techniques to write and record the music.

- How do you write your music? Do you work together as a band or each one of you come up with song ideas and then bring it all together?

 On "Falling In Between", we all wrote and recorded everything as a band. Most of us feel it's our finest work so far. We would start each day with very little preconceived notions, and try to jam out a great piece of music on protools, add a chorus on protools, then (the really hard part), learn the music and record it as a full song playing it live. We've all written the music, lyrics, and it's been quite an experience keeping the music together as a band.

- In these months of recording, what do you enjoy doing in the little spare time you have? Do you ever do anything with the rest of the band, seeing them so much when you're working?

 There has bee very little spare time for Toto since February. When we started recording the CD, we worked on it everyday we possibly could. We spent a lot of hours with each other at the studio, so at the end of the day, we would usually go back home to the families. We're about to start a world tour in 2006, and we'll basically be living together for a long time on the road. We do need our time apart, as well as our time spent together. It more like a family than anything else.

- Since you all have travelled around the world on your tours, how has experiencing the different cultures and customs of the world affected you? Is there a trace of this ethnical influence in Falling in Between?

 That's absolutely true. I think it may be one of the things that makes us a very different band than most. We are appreciated by a lot of different cultures, age groups, and it's really great to be well respected in the circle of musicians that follow our band. All of these elements have caused us to be a band that doesn't follow the normal path, but more one that is "falling in between" the lines of that definition.

- Do you have already a track list? Which song have lyrics that you share most? Which one has the music that more than the other touch your heart?

 We have a track list, but as we're still recording, I can't really say what it is. One of my favorite songs on the CD is a ballad Luke sings, but I'm particularly partial to the title track "Falling In Between". It has a lot of elements that set Toto apart from most bands. The vocals are covered by Luke, Greg, and myself.

- When the promotional campaign will begin? When the probably release date?

 The promotion has already begun (that's why we're doing this interview, right?) Just kidding. We will start a major promotion campaign very soon, and in Toto fashion, it will be quite different this time. We're opening the "Toto Network" on the internet. This is going to be an awesone new method of music delivery in today's market. We're going to put everything we've ever done on this site and offer it to our subscribers. There will be very little left to the imagination about Toto on this network, because we plan to have our subscribers in the room, virtually, while we record, while we tour, while we write (last week Luke, David, and myself wrote the lyrics to a song for the new CD on camera for the network), online discussions, teaching (classes) from the band members, vocal lessons, rare pieces of music from the band, old rehearsal CDs, sound-check CDs from the beginning of the band, and a lot of other things you would never imagine us putting out. We intend to embrace the internet, in our own way, to make it work for us. Toto will be the "Pilot Band" for this new technology, and we're very proud they asked us to be part of the genesis of such a fantastic system. Of course we'll also make CDs for those who are not on the network, but being on the network is going to open a lot of doors for our listeners. Keep in touch with us and you can be part of the "Beta-Group" that gets the software first. If you choose to become a subscriber, the gates are wide open for you.

- Will you give to ggmstudios.com a brief preview of a song, or of the album's cover?

Sorry,............but that's going to be reserved for "Toto Network" and the www.toto99.com  web page. But thanks for asking and be watching for the new CD............"Falling In between".



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